Most Developed Countries In The World

How do a measure a countries development? There are many factors that go in to determining whether a country is developed. Not all of these factors can be measured so there are certain criteria’s such as the Human Development Index (HDI) is used. The HDI measures the life expectancy, education and per capita income to determine how the country is developed. Therefore, the HDI is the measurement used to identify and compare one country to another in terms of development.

A developed country is by no means the best country to live in. This is because there are many other factors that have to be considered. Further, personal preference also plays a large role. By the standards set by the HDI, there are many countries that are highly developed. They are developed due to various economic and social policies set by the government to improve the country’s economy and promote growth. Here’s a list of the most developed countries in the world.



Norway is considered to be the most developed country in the world. Norway has a universal healthcare policy and a comprehensive social security system. Further, Norway has a highly developed market economy. The capital city of Norway is Oslo. Outside of the middle-east, Norway has the largest reserve of oil and natural gasses. Norway has a well-developed trade system. Companies can easily get shipping containers for sale and export goods, due to Norway lenient trade policies, especially in the European region. Norway also have the fourth highest per capita income in the world and is known for their quality of life and high living standards.


Australia is considered to be the second most developed country in the world. Australia’s capital is Canberra and the largest city is Sydney. Australia is also the sixth largest country in the world by total area but the population is around 24 million, which makes the country one of the least dense. Compared to most other countries, Australia is isolated along with New Zealand, therefore it conducts extensive trade. Many firms connected with trade shipping container in Perth for transporting their goods. Australia also ranks highly in quality of life, education, economic freedom and civil liberties.


Switzerland is the third most developed country in the world. The de facto capital city in Switzerland is Bern and the largest city is Zurich. Switzerland has the highest nominal wealth per adult in the world. This makes they one of the richest nations, in terms of its citizens. Like Australia and Norway, Switzerland ranks highly in quality of life, education, national performance, government transparency and civil liberties.